Hi guys, let me introduce you to your new life safer. You are so very welcome.

The Veet Sensitive precision beauty styler - a very long name yes but that might be due to the fact of all the many tool's it has. The Beauty styler is a Multitool useable for trims, shaves and styling. It is the abselout perfect supplement / replacer for your now existing hair removal rutine. The beauty styler can be used on your entire body but is extremely suitable for the more sensitive bodyparts like the face, under your arms and the tan line / bikini line.

It comes with different heads that you can switch out depending on what bodypart you wish to shave/trim/style.

fx. the head the styler has on on the picture is extremely good for the face. Smaller very sensitive bodyparts. Use it around your eyebrows, the tiny little soft mustache us girls gets or even hair on your cheek etc.

Other than the fact of being very precise and gentle towards your skin it's small and handy and super easy to pack up and take with you on the go.

Do yourself a favour and find the little genius here:


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You have all these different kind of products for all different kind of areas on your body. Start from the top;

1. Your hair - you use shampoo, conditioner, masks, heat protection, oil, mist etc.

2. Your face - serum, day cream, night cream, eye cream and i could go on.

3. Your body - body lotion, body oil, hand lotion, feet lotion etc.

The product range is endless. But what about your most sensitive and precious area? The V (I'll just make this really clear, when I say the V I mean your vagina. The v just sounds better)

You just kinda let it be what it is.

You might shave or wax down there. But what about giving your V a facial? Maybe some serum? It is after all one of the only things that defines the main difference between a man and a woman. So please ladies, take care of it.

And now you don't have to use those soaps and other bit embarrassing products you find hiding in the corner marked " personal hygiene". There's a new baby in town and the brand is called " THE PERFECT V". It's all made from natural Scandinavian ingredients, it's in a pretty blush tube so you don't have to hide it away if you have guests over or anything like that. They are gonna launch mutual products fx the VV cream, VV serum, VV mist, VV wipes and etc.

I promise you that you will never ever regret the day you started taking care of that area.

It's a sensitive area both skin/cell wise but also physical. Many woman are insecure about their V and what's right and what's wrong but it's about time that we start to make it okay to talk about our V. And to take care of it. It should be in our beauty routines just like a facial is.

It's a completely new brand and they haven't even launched it yet but I will keep you updated girls! So stay tuned

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I got this pretty little bow shaped ring from Danish jewellery brand Pandora.
My style is edgy mixed with feminin details and this is where the Bow ring fits in perfectly with my style. I wear a lot of jewellery so therefor it's important for me that th epieces i wear aren't too loud or crazy. Just like this pandora bow ring. Find the ring here in different materials.
Happy shopping


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Shoes: Gucci, Pants: Topshop, Hoodie: NLY trend here, Jacket: Condesa, Jewellery: Nuit Et Linette, Cartier, Rolex, Bag: Dolce & Gabbana, Sunglasses: Saint Laurent.



Black knit neckline cut-out with choker: Majorelle here

My all time favourite online shop is Revolve.com ( right here) and if you haven't heard of it before, you're welcome!!
They have the most amazing brands and some really cool styles, i could seriously spend all my money on their site.
This shirt is so so so amazing. There's a zipper on the back that connects the shirt with the choker so its basically a build in choker. The fabric is so amazing, it kinda tightens in your stomach and sets your boobs right where you want them. WIN
Do yourself a favour and check out the site - you won't regret it!